Posted by: softypapa | September 11, 2007

Kokeshi Japanese Wooden Doll – Tiny Naruko Style Ningyo

Kokeshi Japanese Wooden Doll – Tiny Naruko Style Ningyo
Lovely tiny (please see size information below) Japanese wooden kokeshi doll with a very worn body with much faded and chipped paint. The doll may also have once held something as there is a hole in the side where an object would have been fixed in place. The object is question is now missing and is not included with the doll. We especially like the effect that this doll’s weathered appearance has on the charm and character of the little figure. This pretty doll is less than 40 years old and is in poor to fair condition with marks and scratches from handling and discoloration and stains from age and display. This is a “naruko” style kokeshi with a special neck joint which allows the doll to squeak when the head is turned. This clever design was developed long ago by craftsmen seeking a way to cause the dolls cry like a baby.

Height: 2.3 inches (6.0 centimeters)
Weight: 0.6 ounces (16 grams)

item code: R2S4-0003305
ship code: L1650

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