Posted by: softypapa | October 19, 2007

Japanese Kokeshi Doll – Wooden Snowman Ningyo


Japanese kokeshi wooden doll taking the shape of a delightful snowman with no arms or legs.  Snowmen are called ‘yuki Daruma’ in Japan where the word yuki is ‘snow’ and Daruma is the name of the 5th century Indian Buddhist monk who founded the Zen sect of Buddhism.  Daruma-san was famous for his long meditations with the longest reported to have lasted more than seven years. During his seven year meditation Daruma’s arms and legs did wither and fall off from lack of use though in the end he did attain enlightenment and went on to create one of the most important and influential schools of Buddhism.  This wonderful yuki Daruma snowman takes the form of a Kokeshi style Japanese wooden doll. The words ‘made in Japan’ appear on the underside which indicate that the doll was produced in Japan for export to the USA. The doll likely dates from between 1940 and 1960.

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